Sandro Giordano

Born in Rome in 1972, Sandro Giordano studied set design at the "Istituto per la Cinematografia e la Televisione Roberto Rossellini". Immediately after graduating, he started working as a light and sound engineer in various theatres in Rome. In 1993 he studied acting and started his professional career as an actor with directors such as Luciano Melchionna, Giancarlo Cobelli, Dario Argento, Davide Marengo, Carlo Verdone. Since October 2013 his main occupation is the photographic project __IN EXTREMIS (bodies with no regret). Sandro Giordano's photographic works have been shown in various group and solo exhibitions in Italy, Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Spain, the United States and Canada. In 2017 he returned to television as host of the Italian docu-series Ghost Town, aired on Rai 5 in prime time for eight episodes. For Rai 4 in 2018 he made a 12-episode series entitled The Dark Side, in which he went in search of abandoned houses and castles, supposedly "haunted" by ghosts.