A Coeur Ouvert Alexone Drago

The book A coeur ouvert represents the manifesto of Alexone’s work. Alexone Dizac, one of the best-known French street artists, in this book shows the pleasure of painting through a vast collection of archival and site-specific works which describe his work and his path. Catalog of the homonymous exhibition inaugurated at the Galerie Poirel in Nancy, A coeur ouvert opens the doors to Alexone’s universe and to his heart. Large canvases, installations, drawings, and the most disparate interventions animate this publication, and the exhibition, as a hymn to life and art and an escape from reality. Alexone is capable, through the changing colors that characterize the artist’s palette, of giving life to thousands of creatures staring at us, apparently innocent and funny but from a certain point of view secretly perverse. Divided into five sections that recall five different moods, A coeur Ouvert is a great work that takes the reader on a journey through a fantastic story populated by penguins, marvellous characters and thousands of other creatures that are just waiting to be discovered.

Alëxone Dizac

Alexandre Dizac, known as Alëxone Dizac, is a French artist who lives and works between Paris, Ivry and the rest of the world. Since the early 1990s, he has developed a fantastic and colorful universe where drawing and painting hold a central place.

It's hard not to talk about graffiti when talking about the work of Alëxone Dizac.
Undeniably, the discipline had the effect of a catalyst in the construction of the artist, allowing him to educate his gaze, improve his technique and fuel an insatiable curiosity for a multitude of art forms. A real lever, graffiti has made it possible to develop his painting and broaden his horizons by developing a strong interest in comics, travel, art history and typography. The world of graphic design, rubbed shoulders with during a professional break, also had an impact on the aesthetics of the artist. Brushes have gradually replaced the caps of aerosol cans for a practice almost exclusively focused on the studio.

Alëxone Dizac's paintings are born in abstraction and color. The development of each work begins with the careful choice of a colorful “bourgeois fabric” covered with patterns. This backdrop has all its importance both for its pattern and for the chromatic direction it induces. He applies irregular, sometimes dripping flat areas of paint to the fabric, which accumulate in a colorful abstraction. A complementarity is created between the print and the painted surfaces in which appear the fine lines of animal and human figures, taken from the bestiary of the artist. Little by little, dogs, cats, elephants, fish and horses invade the canvas alongside anthropomorphic penguins. Iconic protagonist of the works of Alëxone Dizac, this funny bird with cartoonish postures finds himself erected as the main subject or relegated to the status of a simple decorative motif in each composition. In perpetual motion, Panurge's bird evolves with closed eyes among its fellow creatures in dreamlike frescoes teeming with detail. If the titles give the works a narrative value, the history and the moral of these visual fables remain free of interpretation. A keen eye will however be able to perceive the caricature of a personality, the amused allegory of a political speech, a discreet dedication or certain biographical elements hidden in the paintings of an artist attentive to the environment and the people around him. .

Going beyond the space of the canvas, the drawings of Alëxone Dizac colonize new surfaces by deploying in a multitude of mediums. Fascinated by craftsmanship and its production techniques, he leads many collaborations in which the mastery of a craftsman reveals a new facet of his pictorial universe. The field of experimentation is wide: lithography, bronze, glassware, ceramics, design, styling and culinary art are all disciplines and professionals with whom the artist collaborates. Each meeting gives rise to the creation of unique works, limited editions, objects or treats intended for wide distribution.

Attached to fine books and publishing, Alëxone Dizac devotes himself to the regular publication of printed works. Most of his productions are thus inventoried in catalogs designed by him. It is notably in the pages of a manifesto publication that the very wacky Alëxone Company appeared, an imaginary company “specializing in large-scale pictorial production” of which he holds the position of CEO. Behind this pastiche of a multinational with 17,899 employees (including three employees!), the independent artist constantly replays the practice of painting and drawing in constantly renewed artistic proposals.

– Pierre Ligier


AlexOne A Coeur Ouvert Kittesencula Drago Scavalli Design

Alëxone Dizac, A cœur ouvert

Hardcover, 23 x 30 cm, 176 pages  |  Drago Publisher  |  ISBN: 978-8898565719