Jeremy Fish, Rome-antic delusions is described by the artist as a type of “word play where reality and fantasy meet”, a reflection of both sides of his artistic persona, solitary introspection and the exuberance of changing perspectives. Complete with an exclusive interview and many entertaining contributions from his contemporaries such as Travis Millard, Jeff Soto and Mel Kadel, this book provides a fun and insightful journey in to the fanciful world of Jeremy Fish.

“Fish’s work is ripe with imagery. Skulls serve as vehicles, armor, and even hollowed out shells for the living. Wings sprout from within, helping the creatures float on as they explore their surroundings. Wise old men with huge beards smoke corncob pipes and ponder the Universe. Nature is important in Fish’s world- rabbits, beavers, owls and of course, fish inhabit the land and mix in with man-made objects like umbrellas, vans and the occasional frog-drawn skull wagon. Creativity, originality and raw skill have been undervalued lately, but no one can deny Fish’s genius.” – Jeff Soto

Jeremy Fish, Rome-antic delusions

Softcover, 21x30 cm, 96 pages  |  Drago Publisher   |  ISBN: 978-88-88493-31-2