Jungle - Catalogue exhibition - The institutionalisation of spotted patterns in designer fashion is something that characterises the modern era. Modern fashion as inaugurated by haute couture was bound to take an interest in the animal coat. “Jungle: The Imaginary Animal in Fashion” was the first exhibition dedicated to this topic. It explored the evolution of the coat in its various animal forms, ever since Christian Dior infused his clothing lines with animal prints. The animal print can be seen as an ancient totem that reveals European exoticism, stemming from the imperialist roots of the last century. Throughout time, the style has taken on a variety of different forms up to the kaleidoscope of shapes and colours displayed in the exhibition.
Jungle, The Imaginary Animal in Fashion is the catalogue of the exhibition that opened at La Venaria Reale, in Turin. Accompanied by critical texts from M. Bobbioni, P. Calefato, V. Caratozzolo, C. Corbetta, L. Gallo Orsi, S. Gnoli, A. Mancinelli, F. Muzzarelli, L. Scarlini and S. Segre Reinach, this book historicises the evolution of the animal phenomenon in fashion and, therefore, in our collective imagination.

Jungle - Catalogue exhibition

Softcover, 20x23,5 cm, 116 pages  |  Drago Publisher   |  ISBN: 978-88-98565-21-4