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Keffer, The Night Day. A place inhabited by an unknown wildlife. A mixture that is not found anywhere else. Often hidden underground, emerging rarely during the day, people are living against time and against a system, for a lifetime or for some hours. A world inside another world. Some come to work, others for fun. The night is fast: while few change overnight, people leave, come back, hide, change their appearance.
Keffer, The Night Day is an almost instant snapshot of that life without the sun, years of reporting on people who make and remake the night in Paris and everywhere Keffer goes. The stars, the unknown, the opportunist, the organizers, the enthusiasts, the artists. Some left, others have not even arrived yet, The Night Day presents the incredible diversity of this world, this universe that few have known.

Keffer, The Night Day

Hardcover, 19x27 cm, 200 pages  |  Drago Publisher   |  ISBN: 978-88-98565-29-0