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Letizia Battaglia (Palermo, 1935) is a Sicilian photographer and photojournalist. Although her photos document a wide spectrum of Sicilian life, she is best known for her work on the Mafia. 
Letizia Battaglia, Anthology is a large selection of her iconic black and white images are presented in the book, guiding the reader along a journey into one of post-war Italy’s darkest periods. Drawing from Battaglia’s personal archive the Letizia Battaglia, Anthology also includes more recent projects. Letizia Battaglia, Anthology offers a unique approach to her genre-defining photography (often linked to that of American ‘crime’ photographer Weegee) and a chance to reflect on the role of photography as an individual and collective means for taking action, bearing witness, providing evidence and documenting history.
The Daily Beast wrote that her pictures capture “Mafia judges and police officers, many dead in their cars with blood so fresh it glimmers like water.” Yet some present daily Sicilian life with “young girls playing on the cobbled streets and wealthy women in fur collars sipping champagne.”

Letizia Battaglia, Anthology

Hardcover, 24x32 cm, 96 pages  |  Drago Publisher   |  ISBN: 978-88-98565-18-4