Crash Kid "A Hip Hop Legacy"


The book documents the life and art of Massimo “Crash Kid” Colonna. Crash Kid still represents a pivotal figure in the development of Italy’s Hip-Hop movement. The artist made his debut in Rome in 1983 as a Break Dancer who laid the foundations for what is the Hip-Hop culture in Italy today. Through a collection of previously unpublished images from the artist’s archive and with contributions from other leading figures of the Italian and International street scene, ‘Crash Kid – A Hip-Hop Legacy’ documents the life and career of the Crash Kid. With dedication and flair the book shows the influence the artist had on the entire Hip-Hop scene and thoroughly confirms him as the Hip-Hop legend he is for all.

Crash Kid, A Hip Hop Legacy

Softcover, 23x27 cm, 320 pages  |  Drago Publisher
ISBN: 978-8898565-39-9