Estevan Oriol "LA Woman"


By stunningly capturing his subjects in their natural environments on film, without the assistance of Photoshop, Oriol achieves an unrivalled depiction of true feminine beauty. Models such as Angel Veil (the cover model), DJ Lady Tribe, Kiana Dior, Kat Von D (from L.A. Ink), Julia Bond, and Kim Kardashian are beautifully and organically portrayed in Oriol’s shots. This book is a photo essay on women who, through the use of their image, showcase strength and confidence without losing their femininity; they exude beauty without appearing artificial. It is no wonder that this extraordinary book sold out within months of its publication.

Estevan Oriol, LA Woman

Hardcover, 23x31 cm, 136 pages  |  Drago Publisher
ISBN: 978-88-88493-47-3