Faith XLVII "Ex Animo"


Ex Animo represents the most complete and exhaustive collection of artist Faith XLVII’s works, both from the streets and her studio. The book contains critical texts by Kristin Farr (Deputy Editor at Juxtapoz Magazine), Carlo Mc Cormick (famous critic and curator from New York) and Jaqueline Flint. Ex Animo is a monograph exploring the artist’s greatest projects from The Psychic Power of Animals, in which Faith represents in full scale the strength and power of alpha animals, to The Long Wait, a series of murals representing Johannesburg men waiting.

“I want to hear the voice that is silenced; the quieter but profound comments on living” says the artist in an interview. Turning a blind eye to injustice is not an option in a country like South Africa, whose cruel history still permeates the present.

Faith XLVII, Ex Animo

Hardcover, 26 x 29 cm, 232 pages  |  Drago Publisher
ISBN: 978-8898565-43-6