Propaganda, 30% Acrilico


Propaganda, 30% Acrilico, Packaged in a special coffee-bean burlap bag, this book represents the best of the best in Urban Street Style. We’ve all seen it–teenagers who use their skateboards, backpacks, arms, or sometimes train cars as canvases. Featured here is the work of some of the most innovative, young, street-stylish, avant-garde artists in Italy, including, Joe, Nico, Pane, Scarful, and Stand–members of the group, WhyStyle. 
These artists represent the new Pop Revolution. “Propaganda” is a colorful, fun, and concise presentation these artists–their art and their lifestyles, which are often inseparable. 
Through graffiti, graphics, youth, urban minorities, and corporate communication campaigns (such as those by Nike, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Diesel, and Puma), urban spaces and objects of everyday life become art. “Propaganda" features street-smart design, full-bleed color images, and two pages of stickers that you can use to adorn your possessions. Or yourself.

According to ancient Egyptians, the Name was the essence of a being. For them, To give a name was like nurturing a being and allowing it to develop. Writing one’s name, is like a constant redefinition and reinterpretation of oneself, a continuous evolution of the concept of what you are, what you think you are, and what you want to be. Man learns through a process of repetition of letters, words, thoughts, ideas, concepts,events. The more the context of a word repeats in your life, the more it grows, and that word acquires more meaning. Repeating your name is like understanding your own meaning, like constantly creating and recreating who I am. The study of letters, of their shapes and composition is really a deeper study of communication and the alphabet, and of the repetition of those unconscious mechanisms that allow the creation of words and thoughts which will make up Knowledge. Letters are like the atoms of our thinking. Letters have an identity of their own, and to see only the meaning of words in the words of a sentence is like looking at a crowd and ignoring the individuals that make up the crowd. This is one of the main motivations for the diffusion of your Identity in the metropolis: Feeling like an individual in a society that increasingly tends to make you lose your sense of individuality. What are letters? What do they represent? Each letter corresponds to a sound of the movement of your lips and tongue, and the exhaling of air. A letter’s Identity is found in the relationship between the shape of the letter, its sound, the movement of the mouth necessary to produce that sound; and the deep relationship with the identities of the other letters. The creation of sound is symbolic of the continuous recreation of oneself. So letters are the expression of Self. The Name is like the simplest arrangement of letters to describe your being. I’ve always wondered why names always reflect so well, the person who has that name. It is the parents who give the name to their son, their creation. A person cannot be without a name, for he wouldn’t have a personality. Giving a name is like the last act of creation, it completes a being. Like I already said, that giving a name is like nurturing and allowing a being to develop.
Movement is the secret to Knowledge. Being still is equivalent to being a point: motionless, absolute inertia. Without movement there cannot be any communication. When a point moves it traces a line. To move in the physical world gives us a chance to see from other points of view, thus to gain knowledge. I have already said that knowledge is made up of thoughts which are made up of words which are in turn composed of letters. Letters in their graphic form all start from a point that moves on a surface, which is a reflection of the movement of the mouth that produces the sound of the letters. Language is the movement of your Self in the attempt to know itself and its surroundings.

The writer moves around the metropolis and communicates his identity to gain knowledge and to be known. Graffiti done on a moving surface like a public transport system brings the work into a new context of space-time movement, becoming alive; the speed at which it moves and travels becomes part of its very nature… 
It is this special property of writing that moves, that determines the real expressive power of the Name as a means to expand and spread one’s knowledge.
Curated by Cecilia Nesbitt.