Ed Templeton "The Golden Age of Neglect" (I° Ed.)


A fixture of the Los Angeles skateboarding scene, Ed Templeton has been producing photographs that document his life story and encounters in the skateboarding world for over a decade. Now his lens brilliantly captures the realms of art, sports, sex, drugs, violence, fashion, and youth in a series of fascinating, personal images. He is a skater, an artist, and a unique product of his environment.

The Golden Age of Neglect is the first of its kind in its ability to intimately explore the fascinating skate culture that defines the streets of Los Angeles. It is a classic example of Ed Templeton’s work which is deeply anchored in urban life, street style, music, and graphic culture. 
The book catalogues the striking juxtaposition between Templeton’s vivid street photography and the refined architecture of both the Palais de Tokyo and the Acquario Romano where it was first exhibited.

In the book, this intriguing artist presents an exclusive view into his world where his despondent subjects confront the camera with vacant eyes as they engage in excessive debauchery. Fuelled by incredible raw energy, irreverence, and spontaneity, his work is comprised of an extraordinary number of photographs and canvases, as well as a body of graphic work from drawings, sketchbooks, and collages to montage and correspondence.