In movimento e in posa. Album dei comunisti italiani


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A careful selection of photographs taken between 1921 and 1991 tells the entire history of the Communist Party one hundred years after its birth. The images come from the PCI photographic archive, recently ordered and inventoried, and from numerous public and private archives, both Italian and foreign. Alongside many unpublished photographs, we will find the images that helped to build the representation in the press and in propaganda, together with the shots of the great photographers. The individuals and the multitude, the faces and the places, the symbols and the rites, the collective dramas and the celebrations, the struggles and mobilizations of several generations of militants give us back countless features of the Italian twentieth century. A book on the past of politics entrusted to a sequence of photographs capable of documenting and recounting the tensions, tragedies, passions, "moments of intensely collective life" that have marked the national and world history of the twentieth century: fascism, the war, the Resistance, the reconstruction, the global changes that took place between the sixties and the eighties.