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Kittesencula Ltd.

Kittesencula ltd. is a creative art direction studio based in London. We work mostly on art publishing. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, We are proud to have contributed to the creative aspirations of some of the world’s most respected artists and publications. 

☞ Latest Great books that we have made :) ☜

B.A.D. Beautiful and Determined-Kittesencula

B.A.D. Beautiful and Determined

B.A.D. Beautiful and Determined. Erika Z. Figabomba and Alessandra Tisato drove from Nevada to the Bay Area taking over 10.000 photos of beautiful, powerful women...
Niccolò Berretta, Stazione Termini-Kittesencula

Niccolò Berretta, Stazione Termini

Niccolò Berretta is a photographer and photography director. He is the curator of several documentaries, music videos and short films, and has worked with several luxury brands. 
Facing the Camera-Kittesencula

Facing the Camera

The volume, a reflection on the photographic portrait in Italy, which traces its contemporary history and styles, underlining its links and breaks with the tradition of painting...

Stick it.

Sticking around the world since 2001.


✖ Beyond Action and Reaction we would establish ourselves ✖ We start from opposite statements of a chosen world. Set up violent structure of adolescent clearness between two extremes ✖ We discharge ourselves on both sides ✖ We fight first on one side, then on the other, but always for the SAME cause, which is neither side or both sides and ours ✖ Mercenaries were always the best troops ✖ We are primitive Mercenaries in the Modern World ✖ Our Cause is NO-MAN'S ✖ We set Humour at Humour's throat. Stir up Civil War among peaceful apes ✖ We only want Humour if it has fought like Tragedy ✖ We only want Tragedy if it can clench its side-muscles like hands on its belly, and bring to the surface a laugh like a bomb. ✖ ♥