Donne di Trastevere 1971-1972


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Donne di Trastevere 1971-1972 a precious tribute to Trastevere and its women.
The catalog presents the photos taken by Emilio Gentilini between 1971 and 1972 and was born from a dual purpose: to offer an affectionate tribute to the women of Trastevere, core of Rome, and to preserve the inestimable cultural value of a city whose beauty is also based on the joy and spontaneity of ordinary people. It is a collection of images that reproduce the daily occupations of Roman women from Trastevere. Spinners, laundresses, carbonare, granarole and zigarare all made their contribution to the maintenance of the family according to a tradition consolidated over the centuries as also shown by the works of the permanent collection of the museum, in which scenes of popular Roman life are represented from the end of the eighteenth century up to throughout the nineteenth century. Through the eyes of Gentilini, "the lucky photographer", we capture all the charm and bitterness of a world that was slowly but surely changing.