Tracy Funches, Pimpnosis


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"Pimp-no-sis: The word refers to a dark and powerful science. The science of the player -- the attitude, the way of life, the manner of speech.The intent is not to glorify, nor is it to judge. It is to walk under the red lights and into the smoky taverns of a secretive world, to take snapshots, to listen to hushed whispers, to simply observe.Two years ago, award-winning photographer Tracy Funches and award-winning journalist Rob Marriott set out to capture the pimp lifestyle in all its pomp and posture -- and to bring it into the light as has never been done before. Funches's powerful images depict the raw and intimate truth behind the glamour, while Marriott's text brings the characters and voices to life. Here is an unsentimental look at the underground world of pimps. The tattoos. The clothes. The icy stare of a hardened hustler. Uncensored.Your guide through this netherworld is a composite character called Mississippi Twilight. Born of the many interviews conducted with real-life players, Twilight takes you on an all-access tour through pimp life: his beginnings, his women, his peers, and his enemies. Finally, he takes you to: a Players' Ball -- the underground gathering where the game is laid down and true players are recognized.Some of your notions of pimps will be dispelled, others reinforced, but one thing will remain certain: You'll never look at pimps the same way again.