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Lee Friedlander - Kittesencula | Kittesencula

Lee Friedlander

Lee Friedlander was born in Aberdeen, Washington, and became interested in photography at age fourteen. He studied photography at the Art Center School in Los Angeles from 1953 to 1955 and then began freelancing.
Sue Kwon ODB + Method Man Wu-Tang Rap is Risen

Sue Kwon

Sue Kwon began her career at The Village Voice, shooting subjects that ranged from runaways to underground Jamaican nightclubs in Queens. Her photographs have...
Mattia Zoppellaro - Kittesencula | Kittesencula

Mattia Zoppellaro

Mattia Zoppellaro studied photography at IED in Milan from 1999 to 2001.
In 2003, after two years working experience at the Photography department of Fabrica...
Sophie Bramly - Kittesencula | Kittesencula

Sophie Bramly

Sophie Bramly (born 1959) is a French photographer, television producer/director, digital pioneer, and author. She’s best known for the hip-hop photos she shot in New York in the early Eighties, the hip-hop television...
Mohamed Keita

Mohamed Keita

Born in Ivory Coast in 1993, Mohamed Keita found out that he had to leave his country at the age of fourteen because of the civil war that was going on there.
Bruce Gilden - Kittesencula | Kittesencula

Bruce Gilden

An Iconic street photographer with a unique style,  Bruce Gilden was born in  Brooklyn, New York in 1946. He first went to Penn State University but he found his sociology courses too boring for his temperament and he quit college.
Gabriele Galimberti - Kittesencula | Kittesencula

Gabriele Galimberti

Gabriele Galimberti, born in 1977, is an Italian photographer who frequently lives on airplanes, and occasionally in Val di Chiana (Tuscany), where he was born and raised.
Tano D'Amico

Tano D'Amico

Tano D'Amico was born in 1942 on the Sicilian island of Filicudi and remained there until the age of seven, when he moved with his parents to a Milan still torn by war.
Ewen Spencer

Ewen Spencer

Ewen Spencer (born 1971) is a British photographer and filmmaker based in Brighton, England. His photography is primarily of youth and subcultures. He began his career working for style, music and culture magazines...
Sandro Giordano - Kittesencula | Kittesencula

Sandro Giordano

Born in Rome in 1972, Sandro Giordano studied set design at the "Istituto per la Cinematografia e la Televisione Roberto Rossellini". Immediately after graduating, he started working as a light and sound engineer in various theatres in Rome.
Paolo Monti Roma

Paolo Monti

Paolo Monti was born on 11 August 1908 in Novara. His father Romeo, originally from the Ossola Valley, was an amateur photo-lover and Monti spends his childhood and youth among the plates and heavy devices of the time.
Helmut Newton Kittesencula Rome

Helmut Newton

Born Helmut Neustädter into a Jewish family in Berlin in 1920, Helmut Newton expressed an early interest in photography and in 1936 began working for the German photographer Elsie Simon, who went by the name Yva. After his family fled Germany in 1938...